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... House of Dental Care @ CLASS ONE Complex ...

House of Dental Care @ Class One Complex is particularly able to offer you the first class dental service under one roof from simple filling and oral care through to comprehensive and complex specialist dental treatment.
Your Confident Smiles start with a Healthy Smile.  


Dr. Warasiri Pitakanonda, DDS., MSD., is a dental specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.  After graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University, Dr. Pitakanonda went  to study a Pediatric Dentistry at Boston University and Orthodontics at the University of the Pacific, San Francisco.
For more than 15 years, Dr. Pitakanonda has been entrusted by many people to provide  the 'Confident Smile' for them, Among these satisfied patients are the well known actors and actresses, a famous models, celebrities, and leading businessmen.
Dr. Pitakanonda applies 4 major orthodontic techniques with the purpose of providing  the successful and happy ‘Confident Smile’ to all of her patients. 


1.Orthodontic braces

or Traditional braces, are the most widely used. Orthodontics of this type can be found anywhere on all those who care about the dental health and would like to have 'a confident smile’ in all occasions

2.Lingual Orthodontics,

are fitted behind the teeth, and are not visible with casual interaction. The specialist dentist is requires to perform these Lingual braces, because of the special and more complex types of orthodontic braces.


The orthodontic treatment of this type does not use wire or metal, but a special designed clear plastic called Invisalign (Clear Aligners). Invisalign is today the world's most advanced orthodontic technology from the United States.

Dr Pitakanonda is recognized as a leader in providing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign in Thailand. By working closely with Dr. Noellette Falkow, a specialist dentist and the Invisalign lecturer, and  Dr. Robert Boyd, the first researcher and project head of Invisalign, Dr Pitakanonda  is assured to provide the Invisalign orthodontic treatment with the highest effectiveness result

4.Orthognathic Surgery,

The orthodontic treatment which required in conjunction with surgery to correct orthodontic problems that cannot be easily treated with braces, especially to correct conditions of the jaw and face

Pediatric Dentistry

HOUSE OF DENTAL CARE @ Class One Complex presents Warasiri Pitakanonda DDS., MSD., and Onnida Wattanarat D.D.S., the specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. Their competences in adapting child psychology and applying Laughing Gas help soothing young patient's worry and treating smoothly.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening can get your smile looking its best. Non-professional procedures and clinically unproven teeth whitening tips can often lead to unsatisfactory results, you should look for a whitening procedure that is:

Fast and convenient


Long lasting


Low sensitivity


Proven to be safe and effective


Performed by a Dental Professional

Together with the expertise advice from Dr. Kulathip Kulaphong, American Board Operative Dentistry Certified, House Of Dental Care is ready for your teeth whitening requirements with the current most advanced teeth whitening device from Zoom Advance, United States.

Prosthodontics (Teeth Placement)

House of Dental Care by Chiang Mai University Dental Faculty Dr.Piyanuj Permpanich, American Board Periodontal Dentistry Certified, will provide an advice and the treatment with the latest implant innovation from the leading technology supplier .


Operative Dentistry

Specialist dentists at House Of Dental Care are specializing in dental restoration.
With modern tools and treatements according to the dentistry standard.
The restoration of the broken or chipped teeth, bridging the gaped teeth and
correct ususual tooth shape could bring back your healthy, natural and confident smiles.

Sirona Digital X-Ray systerm

House of Dental Care Carefully chooses the Digital X-ray system from Sirona, Germany for our patient. Sirona implements the latest Digital X-ray knowledge into the system for the best vivid and clear digital image. The Digital X-ray is also safer by reducing radiation levels up to 60% when comapre to the traditional X-ray machine.

ORTHOPHOS XG 5 Digital panoramic X-ray

- 8 panoramic programs (with specific orbital curves)
- Automatic exposure control
- 3 point patient fixation – motorized temple support
- Ceph is upgradeable
- Bite block height range 2‘8“ to 6‘ (80 -1810 cm)
- High-frequency generator 90 KV

HELIODENT Plus – Easy intraoral x-raying

SIDEXIS XG – The  digital image processing and management software for the dental office. It was developed in co-operation with dentists as a consistent continuation of the successful software to offer a maximum of flexibility.

Sirona Treatment Center

A relaxed patient is a precondition for relaxed treatment. The Sirona C8+ treatment center offers a host of convincing ergonomic features. The synchronised movement of the backrest and the seat cushion (ErgoMotion) ensures that the patient’s spine is neither compressed nor over-extended. What is more, the patient’s head remains in the same position, so it is not necessary to readjust the headrest.

... Dental Sterilization System ...

The MELAquick 12

For 50 years now, MELAG — a medium-sized family-owned and -operated business — has specialized in the production of sterilization equipment for medical practice. During this period, MELAG has succeeded in becoming a leading manufacturer of sterilization equipment. More than 335.000 MELAG units sold throughout the world testify to the ex-ceptional quality of our products — which are manufactured exclusively in Germany

The MELAquickhttp://www.sterilizers.com/images/rrrrrrr.jpg12, the compact and space-saving fast autoclave for the sterilzation of dental handpieces, contra-angles, The MELAquickhttp://www.sterilizers.com/images/rrrrrrr.jpg12 turbines operates with a single-use (non-reusable) water system to ensure longer service life of the autoclave and the sterilized instruments.

Assistina 301 plus – Maintenance System

Automatic instrument maintenance procedures provide distinct advantages for correct cleaning and lubrication as well as perfect function and long working life of dental instruments.
It is simple, safe and cost-reducing

The main features:

- Cleaning and lubrication of the internal components with service oil
- Cleaning of the spray water and spray air channels with cleaning fluid
- Flushing through with compressed air
- Highly efficient


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